Frequently Asked Questions

What is metaengineering?

MetaEngineering is the study and refinement of the technology development process. It has three aims:

  1. To provide the means to better delineate design spaces and facilitate exploration.
  2. To identify and optimize bottlenecks in the evolution of technology.
  3. To characterize technological design patterns to support re-use at an abstract level, and to characterize their conditions for applicability.
Toward these ends, we focus on a narrow definition of technological problems.

What is an ontology?

An ontology is...

What is TekMap?

TekMap is a browsing and visualization front-end for the technology ontology. It provides a number of viewers for characterizing design spaces and identifying patterns in the evolution of technology. [...more...]

What is TekMath?

TekMath is...

How can I use this?

One way to use the metaengineering ontology is...